Helping Children with Diabetes Develop a Healthy Attitude About Eating

As parents, it’s hard not to micromanage everything our children eat. After all, wouldn’t they sit around snacking on cake all day, while never touching a single vegetable, if we didn’t?

Surprisingly, research shows that children who are offered a variety offoodson a routine schedule, in a calm environment, will naturallyeatthe appropriate quantity of food they need to grow and stay healthy. This also applies to children with diabetes.

To assist her clients, Anne Blocker, adiabeteseducatorand registered dietician, has introduced the Division of Responsibility. Created by Ellyn Satter, a feeding dynamics expert, the Division of Responsibility (sDOR) is a feeding model.

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Five Burned Out Diabetic Tips

It is not unusual for people with diabetes to fall pretty to burnout, particularly if they have been managing the condition for a long time. This is an affliction which stays with an individual for life, so after decades of control and regulation, the emotional aspects of management can get tough. It can get annoying and tiring having to balance blood sugars, take readings, and eat carefully every single day.

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Tips for Thanksgiving Holiday with Diabetes

The holidays present a special time for families and friends to get together and reminiscence about past, current and future events. During this holiday, many families prepare sumptuous meals which are composed of stuffed Turkey, wine, main courses, salads and finally sweet desserts.
For individuals who suffer from diabetes, this holiday can prove to be very difficult especially when one considers the type of food on offer. The food is tempting, the music, the gathering and the decorations are beautiful and without extra caution, one can make bad decisions that can result in difficult health problems.

Below are tips to help you tackle diabetes this Thanksgiving holiday.

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Eating Tips for People with Diabetes

Diabetes is one of those diseases for which the risk can be affected by one’s lifestyle: Some food can speed up the recovery process for diabetics, while others may slow it down or aggravate the condition. We are all familiar with how candy and fast food can hurt us while more natural foods like fresh vegetables and fruits can help us, but there is also much else that many do not know. Here are ten eating tips for those with diabetes.

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7 Diabetes Behaviors You Need to Stop

Have you ever noticed that dealing with diabetes gets much simpler if you are feeling happy? It is just an easier thing to do when your spirits are up. It is tempting to believe that negativity and negative feelings have nothing to do with the condition or that, if they do, they can pushed to the side whenever necessary – but of course, this is not the case.

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Sukkot 2015 Holiday Schedule

In honor of the Sukkot 2015 Holiday, please take note of the following DTSBuyers.com schedule.

Monday September 28, 2015 (Closed)

Tuesday September 29, 2015 (Closed)

Wednesday September 30, 2015 (Open)

Thursday October 1, 2015 (Open)

Friday October 2, 2015 (Closed)

Monday October 5, 2015 (Closed)

Tuesday October 6, 2015 (Closed)

We reopen on Wednesday October 7th with normal business hours.

All orders will be processed, and all payments will be sent on Wednesday September 29th, 2015 and on Thursday October 1st.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you have an amazing week!

The Team at DTSBuyers.com!


Passover Holiday Schedule 2015

Dear valued DTS Buyers Sellers,

Please note that our offices will be closed on the following days in observance of the Passover holiday:

  • Friday April 3, thru Monday April 9

We will re-open on Monday, April 10th.

Emails and voicemails will be returned periodically during this time. All shipping kits and payments will be sent on Monday April 10th.

Please order your shipping kits today so leave ample time for us to send it out.

 As always, your understanding is much appreciated.

With wishes for a happy and healthy Passover!

The Team at DTSBuyers.com


Sukkot Holiday Schedule 2014

Dear Customers,

In observance of the Sukkot Holiday, DTSBuyers.com will be closed from Wednesday October 8th 5PM and reopen Monday October 20th.

All packages sent to DTSBuyers will be held by UPS until then and no payments will be going out during that time.

Shipping kits orders placed online will leave our warehouse on Monday October 20th.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patronage.




Holiday Notice and Schedule

Due to the Shauvot holiday (The Feast of Weeks), DTSBuyers be running on a modified schedule. Our offices and our customer service line will be closed on Wednesday (5/15) and Thursday (5/16). Our 24/7 call center will remain open and operating as usual for you to get assistance in ordering your shipping kits, which will be sent out on Friday (5/17) when the office reopens. We apologize, in advance, if it takes a few more days to process payments.


The DTSBuyers team wishes your family a very Happy Holidays!


DTSBuyers is now using UPS as our carrier for deliveries from you to us!

DTSBuyers ships UPS

DTSBuyers is happy to announce that, at 12am on March 1st, we switched to UPS as the carrier for deliveries from you to us. 

We noticed that, at times, it could take up to two weeks to receive a package from a seller in Philadelphia, which meant that it would take 16 days for that seller to receive her payment from the time she sent her diabetic testing strips in.

That is unacceptable to us. We want to help get people money for their unwanted strips as quickly as possible. After speaking with many different logistics companies and carriers we decided to go with UPS, the trusted company with brown trucks.

Some things will change and some things won’t.


For instance, as a seller, you will still be able to track your packages either from the DTSBuyers website or from the UPS website. If you want to know how quickly we’ll get your strips, you can use the UPS estimated ground time-in-transit map (http://www.ups.com/maps/) and use the 11219 zip code.


You will be able to send your package from any UPS location, give it to any UPS driver or drop it into any UPS dropbox.


We are still going to be sending the packaging via standard USPS first class mail.

Remember that you could cut down on the time by using our easy to use download/email label functionality and printing it out yourself.

As a company, we learn from our mistakes and we are constantly trying to get better. We thank all the DTSBuyers sellers for your continued patience and greatly appreciate whatever feedback you send us.

Thank you, in advance, for helping us make the transition as smooth as possible.