Selling diabetic test strips?

So you’re looking to sell Diabetic Test Strips? Well then you’ve come to the right place as selling Diabetic test strips with DTSBuyers couldn’t be easier!

Being diabetic can be costly. Therefore, if you are diabetic, and are in need of some extra cash to get by we may be able to help. We can offer you the chance to make some good money by selling diabetic test strips that you no longer want or need. Why just let them sit around the house and collect dust? Sell them to us. We offer a very easy way to get cash for any unused diabetic test strips that you do have. The service that we have is very simple, secure, and fast. How it works is very easy.

Read on to learn more.

We, here at purchase unused diabetic testing strips, from anyone and everyone who are willing to sell them to us. How it works is very easy and uncomplicated. It only involves three steps. What are these steps? Step one involves getting a quote from us for your test strips. All you have to do is tell us three things. These three things are the brand of the test strip, how many strips come to the box, and how many boxes you are willing to sell to us. Then you accept our offer and click on “send me my free mail kit.” The next step is to provide us with your shipping information and how you want to be paid. The second step involves you getting the prepaid mailing kit and verifying the packing slip. You then pack up your test strips and mail them back to us. When we receive your test strips back. We will confirm they are in good shape and as per the quote we gave you. If, and when, everything does check out. We will have your payment for the test strips processed within 48 hours. The entire process from shipping to payment can take less than a week in a number of instances.

DTS is an easy place to sell your diabetic test strips too, it’s also quick to do! So, with this said, there is nothing wrong with making some extra dough for any test strips you no longer want to keep for whatever reason. Turn them into cash, by selling them to us. We’d be more than glad to take them off your hands.


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