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Revised Schedule for September 2021

Attention: Please see our updated schedule for September 2021.

In honor of the Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot Holidays, DTSBuyers will have a revised schedule during the month of September.

Please take note of the dates as they will affect payments and orders.
You may request & create orders during these dates, however, no shipping kits will be sent, no boxes will be received and no payments will be sent on the days we are closed.

  • September 6th (Labor Day) – Closed.
  • September 7th – Closed
  • September 8th – Closed

  • September 15th – Closed
  • September 16th – Closed

  • September 21st – Closed
  • September 22nd – Closed
  • September 28th – Closed
  • September 29th – Closed

We will be open during the other days of the month and will work tirelessly to make sure all support requests, payments, orders, and shipping kits to be taken care of accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding & Happy Holidays!


Updated September & October 2017 Schedule

In honor of the Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot Holidays, will have an amended schedule. During the days we are closed, no boxes will be received, no shipping kits will go out and no payments will be sent.
Please review these dates carefully and schedule your shipments accordingly. You can still request shipping kits online, and mail your Diabetic Strips to us, but payments and receiving will be delayed. will be closed September 21 through the 22nd. will be closed October 5th through the 7th, but will be open with limited access on the 8th 9th 10th and 11th and be closed the 12th and 13th.
We will be fully functional on the 16th of October.
We apologize for any convenience this updated schedule may cause.
– The Team

Share Shvuot Holiday Schedule 2017

In honor of the the Shvuot Holiday (Feast of Weeks) and Memorial Day, will be closed on May 29th, May31st and June 1st.

We WILL be open on Tuesday May 30th.

We will re-open again on Friday June 2nd 2017.

Please make sure you note these days before shipping your test strips into as this will delay payments. All shipping kits ordered during this time will be sent on Friday when we return.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Share – 2017 April Schedule

In honor of Passover 2017, will have an amended April schedule. Please review these dates carefully as they will affect payments processing and receiving of shipping kits. will be CLOSED Monday April 10th through Tuesday April 18th.

No shipping kits will be going out and no shipments will be received. All shipping and payments will resume on Wednesday April 19th.
Packages received during this time will be in our warehouse and only be processed when we return. All shipping kit orders through this time will also resume when we return.

If you downloaded a shipping label from our website, you can still ship it into us during this time, but no payments will be processed until we return.

All shipments, shipping kits and payments, before or after this time will be processed as usual.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but we will be back better then ever after the holiday.

The team at


Passover 2016 Schedule (April 25-29th) + Coupon Code

Hello All!

In honor of the Passover holiday, will have an updated schedule. Please review this message carefully as you may incur a disruption in service and payments getting delayed.

For starters, all ONLINE orders, will be processed as usual. Shipping kits will be sent and payments will be made.

Our call center and customer service center will be closed throughout. Any messages left will be returned when we come back to the offices on May 2nd.

You still may get a reply if you EMAIL your requests but no phone calls will be returned.

Please place your orders as usual, as there will no disruption in getting payments out to you!

Make sure you don’t forget to use code DTSAPR16 when checking out to increase your payout by 5%!

Happy Selling and Happy Passover!

The Team!


Women Who Have Type 2 Diabetes Have More of A Link To Coronary Heart Disease

According to a statement made by the American Heart Association, AHA for short, women who have Type 2 Diabetes are at a much greater risk then men are for developing coronary heart disease.

People in general, who do have Type 2 Diabetes are more prone to have heart trouble, and this risk of heart disease is much of a greater risk for happening to women then it is for men. This conclusion comes from detailed research conducted on the subject. These previous research results do strongly indicate one thing. This thing is that women have a clear increased risk of cardiovascular problems than their male counterparts do.

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Type 2 Diabetes Linked To Decreased In Memory and Thinking Skills

A recently published study funded by US National Institute of Aging, The American Diabetes Association, The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center, and the US National Center for Research Resources showed that people suffering from type 2 Diabetes could develop diminished blood flow to the brain that could eventually lead to a negative impact on thinking and memory skills. The root cause seems to be the impaired blood vessels. A link between people who had higher A1C levels in the preceding months seemed to have more blood flow problems than those with lower or normal A1C levels.

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More Home-Cooked Meals, Less Diabetes?

Two major, long-term studies, the Nurses’ Health Study with 58,000 women participating and Health Professional’s Follow-up Study with 41,000 men participating from 1986 to 2012, were assessed by this study coauthor Zang Gong, PhD, and his colleagues for their homemade meal intake and development of Type 2 Diabetes.

At baseline no participants were diabetic or suffering from cancer or cardiovascular disease in the study’s advent.

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Is Tequila Good For Diabetics?

In October, we discovered that having just one glass of red wine each day with a meal could be beneficial to glucose levels in the blood, although more than one glass of wine could counteract that effect. The research has shown that consuming excess levels of red wine does not have the same benefits as having just one glass of wine per day with a meal and that excess levels of red wine could potentially have an adverse effect on glucose levels in the blood, rather than being beneficial.

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Better Health in Diabetes Through Moderate Red Wine Consumption

Everyone is by now aware of the potential dangers of consuming alcohol. But, can a glass of wine everynight at dinner lead to improved health, especially for someone with diabetes? Researchers at Ben-Gurion University say that the answer to this question is yes, but only if strict guidelines are followed while consuming that alcohol.

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