Bad Diabetic Advice

The average person does not know the different between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. People often tell a person with type 1 diabetes that they should eat less sugar and lose some weight. While people are trying to be helpful they are giving inaccurate advice. There are some things to say to friends and family members that do not understand this health condition.

Well Intended but ill informed advice

People are trying to be helpful but they do not have their facts straight. People with type 1 diabetes are still going to need insulin even if they are in shape and watch their sugar intake. If a person feels that their blood sugar is low they need to drink something such as fruit juice that contains sugar. It will help prevent them from passing out. Many people give this advice thinking there is only one type of diabetes.
When given this advice a person should thank the advice giver and offer some education about how diabetes really works. If the bad advice is coming from a health care professional a more forceful response may be needed before they harm someone.

Over Judgmental

As humans we tend to mess up from time to time. We may eat too much and will pay for it later on that night. We may slack off with the exercise. We often cheat on diets.
There is a know it all advice giver waiting for us to mess up so they can say something.
If we mess up we have to deal with the consequences. Your loved ones should try to encourage you to be healthy instead of putting you down. There are advice givers that are just waiting for people to be bad and make a mistake.
These people are going to need a more direct response. Be firm and say something like” it’s my health and sometimes I do mess up. You only hinder me with your judgment. “
While many people are trying to be helpful they do give some misguided advice. The best thing to do is thank the person for caring but give them the correct information. Many people are just trying to be helpful and it is essential they have the correct information to give to others.


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