Eating Tips for People with Diabetes

Diabetes is one of those diseases for which the risk can be affected by one’s lifestyle: Some food can speed up the recovery process for diabetics, while others may slow it down or aggravate the condition. We are all familiar with how candy and fast food can hurt us while more natural foods like fresh vegetables and fruits can help us, but there is also much else that many do not know. Here are ten eating tips for those with diabetes.

Watch serving sizes and proportions.

The food labels will tell you how much a serving is and how much of each nutrient a serving contains. Be sure and read them.

Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Substitute them for juice or dried fruits. When fruit is made into juice, sugar is usually added, which rules it out for one with diabetes. As for drying, while it preserves the fruit, it also subjects it to chemical changes that destroy the nutrients in it.

Eat fish two or three times a week.

Fish oil can reduce inflammation. Indeed, it is often sold in the form of dietary supplements.

Avoid fried foods.

When you fry food, you are baking it in its own fat. Steam, bake or broil your food instead. Broiling in particular is excellent when you have diabetes because all the fat is drained off.

Eat lean cuts.

If there is any fat on the sides, cut it away and either discard it or feed it to your pet.

Avoid mayonnaise on your sandwiches.

Mayonnaise is a fattening bread spread. Mustard, lettuce leaves and cut tomatoes make good substitutes.

Cut down sugar.

There are artificial sweeteners that you can use instead, many of which are also low in calories.

Regular soda is bad.

The regular versions of almost every carbonated drink. Try the diet versions, or have milk or just water.

Regular salad dressing is fattening.

Again, there are fat-free dressings that you can add to your salads.

Avoid oil-packed tuna.

Tuna fish may be canned in either oil or water, and the latter form is naturally less dangerous for diabetes.

Your risk of diabetes depends, more than anything else, on what you eat. There are many eating tips for diabetics in addition to the ones given above, and following them can help you live a life that is not only longer than it would otherwise be, but also more enjoyable.


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