High Fat Diet Can Lead to Depression and Diabetes

New research has suggested that a high-fat diet could contribute to symptoms of anxiety and depression due to the unhealthy levels of blood sugar and excess body weight.

Research conducted the study on mice. The mice that were fed a diet that was high in fat underwent changes in the brain. The areas of the brain that underwent changes were associated with symptoms of anxiety. These symptoms were also able to cancel out the effects of anti-depressants due to the diet that the mice were consuming.

This suggests that diabetes and other similar metabolic conditions can help predict who might form a resistance towards anti-depressants or anti-anxiety.

Diabetics and everyone else need to watch their diet.

Due to the absence of carbohydrates, high fat foods are often eaten instead. The study might have something for diabetics to learn from. They might have to avoid high fat diets as well.

There was another study that was published at an earlier time this year from Biological Psychiatry. This study showed that diets that are high in fat can interfere with the health of the brain due to the disruption of the gastrointestinal tract among other things.

Another interesting finding was that when the mice went off of their diet, the effects of their brain were completely reversed. In other words, you are what you eat.

According to a press release on the study, the tone is set for further investigation on the metabolic and psychiatric disorders in order to find their potential mechanisms.


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