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Top Tips For Food Shopping With Diabetes

A trip to the store can be a real chore. Jostling for parking spaces, screaming kids and grumpy shoppers can make the weekly shop a pain. This can be even worse if you are diabetic and struggling with low blood sugar levels. All too often we go shopping without a coherent plan in mind. We may have a list or some idea of the basics that we require but frequently we get carried away by our cravings. So here is some useful planning advice:

Decide in advance what you’re going to eat all week and list all the necessary ingredients. Make a different list containing all the non-edible items like cat food, toilet rolls and cleaning fluid. Avoid buying these at the supermarket where they can be more expensive and go instead to your local discount store. Avoid peak times if you need to concentrate. Try to shop when there are fewer crowds or take someone with you to help out.

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