Kids and Astounding Studies on Processed Sugars

According to one of the latest studies on kids and diabetes, the long-term effects of heart disease and diabetes can be reversed with some relatively small changes in a child’s diet. Based on the information that was gathered by researchers, kids who eliminated sugar from their diets for a period of just nine days showed significant changes in lowering their cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure levels. Therefore, based on these studies, researchers are now saying that processed sugar products are major culprits in hendering the battle to keep children and adults healthy.

Further, with additional bodies of evidence growing in many research studies, processed sugars can be linked back to a cascade of adverse effects in the body. In fact, with the evidence that is now being found, it suggests that processed sugars are metabolically harmful to the body in more than one way. From adding more calories to snacks and mealtime to increasing the overall risks of illnesses and diseases, parents will need to pay more attention to the type of sugary foods that their kids consume.

The results from these studies have been astounding and have given rise to the need to take processed sugars completely out of the diet. Based on the information that the studies shared, the kids diets were only modified to eliminate sugars, while leaving in other heavy caloric foods like pizza, pasta, and bagels. Which means, the children’s foods and their diet programs were relatively the same. However, the team that did this study was careful in eliminating sodas that contained sugar as well as other sweet snacks. Ultimately, with the foods that were provided, the student’s sugar intake was reduced from 28% to approximately 10%. Some of the major details of this 9 day study include students feeling less hungry. Many of these same sutdents said that they could no longer eat all of the foods that were being provided for their meals. Also, some student’s reported losing as much as 2 pounds within this span of time.

Further, scientists are also saying that sugar is being linked to numerous harmful side effects. Some of the more commonly known in the medical industry consists of sugar overwhelming the liver and turning into fat. There are other research studies that reflect sugar causing the body to absorb more sodium and retaining more water. Which means, it has an adverse effect on the person’s having high blood pressure readings.


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