Where To Put Your Insulin Pump

With all of the uses and features that insulin pumps offer to their users, users often have a hard time finding a place to put their pump. Without a pocket, it is difficult to determine where, and how, a person should keep their insulin pump. Many people struggle with this, and since insulin pumps are so important for the people that require them, it is important to know where they can be kept on a person. Some ideas for places to keep your insulin pump include in your bra, underwear, on clothing/accessories, in tight pieces of clothing, footwear, and taping it to your skin. Below you will find tips and tricks about each location to make storing your insulin pump a lot easier and hassle free.


One of the places you can store your insulin pump is in your breasts or in your bra. For those who have larger breasts, you can put your insulin pump in between the cups of your bra. Your breasts will hold the insulin pump in place. Small insulin pumps can be clipped to the cups of your bra, on the bra’s band, or under the armpit area of the bra. There are also bra pouches that are available for insulin pumps. One thing to consider when using this method is where you will be. You don’t want to be at a restaurant or somewhere public having to stick your hands down your shirt in order to get your insulin pump.


Another method of storing your insulin pump is wearing mens boxer briefs. Whether you are a man or woman, storing your pump in the fly of the briefs can be effective. Try not to fiddle with the pump in this location too much as it can be quite disturbing to others.


If the clothing you’re wearing doesn’t have pockets and you can’t find a hidden place to put your pump, you can always clip your pump to an article of clothing or an accessory you are wearing. If you don’t mind your pump showing, you can clip your insulin pump to a necklace, on the waist of your pants, or on the neckline of the shirt/dress you are wearing.

Tight Clothing

Wearing tight clothing is an effective way of placing your insulin pump in a discrete location. Since the clothes are tight, they will hold your pump in place. Not only does this apply for tight clothing, this can also be done if you wearing shaping undergarments.


Your insulin pump can be placed in the shoes you are wearing. The best shoes for this would be tall boots or higher shoes that have some extra room for the pump to fit. If you’re insulin pump is quite large, it is possible that it will not fit into your footwear. Keeping your pump in your footwear will give you quick access to your pump if needed; it can also give you an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.

Tape It

Insulin pumps can be taped to your skin. The tape will hold your pump in place, and it can be done anywhere on your body that you wish.

All of the above tips and tricks for places to put your insulin pump are effective. These places give you the opportunity to discretely store your insulin pump while holding them in place. There are insulin pumps you can purchase that do not have tubes which will also decrease your worries about where to place your pump.


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