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The Most Helpful Diabetes Smartphone Apps

Some excellent smart phone apps have been developed to help with management of your diet, insulin injections, diabetes medications, blood glucose and exercise.

Goal Tracker

This free app from the American Association of Diabetes Educators allows you to keep track of your goals. There are 7 categories of goal you can set and monitor with the app:

For every goal you set, you input how you intend to achieve it and what could stop you. Then you will receive reminders on your smart phone, encouraging you to continue with what you need to do to meet that goal.

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Is Tequila Good For Diabetics?

In October, we discovered that having just one glass of red wine each day with a meal could be beneficial to glucose levels in the blood, although more than one glass of wine could counteract that effect. The research has shown that consuming excess levels of red wine does not have the same benefits as having just one glass of wine per day with a meal and that excess levels of red wine could potentially have an adverse effect on glucose levels in the blood, rather than being beneficial.

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